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Расписание международных выставок кошек в Литве
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Red castle cat show

2022 October 22/23

(2 days, 2 certificates)

Parodos vieta (Cat Show Place): Pilies tak. 1, Raudondvaris 54127, Kaunas district

More info about show hall

More info press here



For more information please visit official Baltic winner website www.bw2020.lt

5/6 May 2023




Mr. Sebastian Pruchniak (PL) 1,2,3,4
Mr. Gianfranko Mantovani (IT) 1,2,3,4
Mrs. Marina Vinkel (EE) 1,2,3,4
Mr. George Dorgiakis (GR) 1,2  


Registration opened from 21 January until 5 Aprile

Registration is prolonged till necesary amount of participants will be reached

Место выставки: 

Universiteto g. 10c Akademija, Kauno rajonas LT-53361

 pavilijonas Nr.3






Summer show/ Baltic wave

2023 07  15/16

(2 days, 2 certificat) (drive in*)
Место выставки: 

Universiteto g. 10c Akademija, Kauno rajonas LT-53361

 pavilijonas Nr.3


p.  () 1 2 3 4
p.  () 1 2  3 4
p.  ()   2 3 4
p.  () 1 2 3 4



Registracija /REGISTRATION  open here   from 10-07-202 till 30 06-2022*

Special discounts: *Every second cat from same exhibitor 5 EU discount


Limited number of exhibitors! Entry form can be refused without written reason.

 "Extra price" group is valid for late registration . Cancellations until the closing date 30 06 2022. Entries must be payed if no cancelled in correct time.

Cat show fees must be prepaid to LFA “Bubaste” bank account IBAN: LT197300010002251375 (full information http://bubaste.lt/en/contact-us) 




Show cages:

exhibitor can use personal cage (sturdy) if anounced in registration time. Sturdy cage must be correct size according show rules and must be with clear, transparent window in front of cage/sturdy. Every exhibitor responsible that every cat inside the sturdy/cage must be easy visible for visitors.



VETERINARY CONTROL AND CHECK IN will be divided by cattegories and will be anounced before show:

Cat show hall for exhibitors will be open Saturday from 8 a.m. Sunday: from 8 a.m.

Changes of colours of your cat can be registered in the Secretariat only until 9:00am.


All cats must have microchip or tatto and valid Pet Passport , be healthy and free from infections and parasites. It is obligatory for all cats to have valid vaccination acording rules (vaccinated against rabies, respiratory viral diseases and panleucopenia).

All white cats must have a certificate stating that the cat is not deaf. All cats must have their nails cut before the show.

FIFe and LFA "Bubaste" rules apply at all times. Cats cannot stay in the show-hall overnight. Cats must be in decorated cages until the official end of the show! Only the cats vetted in and described in the catalogue can be presented in the show hall. All the exhibitors must conduct themselves accordingly to the show rules. Exhibitors are responsible for the health and behavior of their cats at all times. Judges decisions are final and cannot be disputed.



All cat owners, exhibitors, visitors, guests must meet the COVID-19 rules requirements.



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